Available Puppies

Meet the parents - Miss Olivia & Nico

Our puppy parents are Miss Olivia, who is about twenty-two pounds, and Nico is around nineteen pounds. Olivia has the tight curly coat reminiscent of her poodle heritage, and Nico has the long wavy coat from the sheepdog lines. The puppies will be a mix of these types of coat. Livvy is an elegant, graceful, mannerly dog who was easily trained and is very obedient while maintaining her verve and independent energy. Nico is still quite young and demonstrates the occasional defiant streak. He has been very trainable, is full of energy and enthusiasm for new experiences. He’s very affectionate, and gives actual hugs and kisses!

This, their first litter, was an astonishing success due at least in part to our adherence in choosing a low toxin lifestyle, high-quality food, herbal health care, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Ten puppies is an amazing litter for a first, and a litter of ten perfect, healthy puppies is an incredible blessing. Miss Olivia, or Livvy to her family, has been the best mother we could have dreamt of. She’s done everything right, right from the start when she dropped all ten almost effortlessly and cared for them correctly from the first moment. Nico has been absolutely fascinated by them, sitting by the pen allowing them to nip and lick his nose and exchanging high fives paw to paw.

We have a litter of ten f2 puppies, which is the result of mating two f1 parents. This litter is comprised of six males, four female puppies. While we cannot guarantee size, we would expect puppies from this breeding to be no larger than around thirty pounds as adults, and probably smaller.

The females are: three cream and tan, one of whom is considered a parti, due to having at least 30% alternate color (tan) and one black female with white collar, feet, tip of tail, underside, and a small white crest on head.

We have two smaller males primarily white with one black eye and ear and various black markings.

We have two larger males primarily white with black, one with black mask and ears, white muzzle and stripe up nose to crest on head, larger black spots on body and tail. The other has a primarily black head with tiny white patch on head, small amount of white on muzzle.

We have two black males with white collar and feet, one with a white muzzle, stripe to crest on head, both have white feet and underbellies.